Egypt Swiss Co. is located in the heart of Egypt, Macaroni manufactures over several dry pasta shapes ranging from petite shells and long pasta. Everything from the plant's processing and packaging machinery to the 20,000 square foot storage warehouse is state-of-the-art.

With multiple Long Goods and Short Goods pasta lines, we are large enough to service industrial client needs, but experienced enough to provide excellent customer service. We embrace five core competencies that set us apart:

- Quality
- Service
- Heritage
- Knowledge
- Technology

Pasta Macaroni Products
Learn more about our product offerings below:

-  Long Pastas / Short Pastas / Noodles & Ribbons / Specialty Shapes

Long Pastas
We have multiple Long Pasta lines, and make several shapes. These shapes may be available in different lengths (typically 5 ", 10", or 20 "). Images of the product and packaging configurations for each shape and length can be sent for more details.

Short Pastas
We produce multiple short pasta shapes. If you do not see the shape you desire, please contact us today to discuss your needs.

Specialty Shapes
We produce many specialty shapes on our production lines, and would love to discuss your custom needs.

Choosing Egypt Swiss Macaroni?
Egypt Swiss Co. enjoys an unusually high quality work force, and one of the highest rated tecnology systems in the MENA Region.

Such traits turned our factory into the ideal place for blending the components of excellent pasta - wheat, water, technology, and of course, the passion of the people to make it truly great.



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